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June 23rd, 2011

You’ve probably guessed that I follow Sonic games every now and then as they have been mentioned on this site before. Though I am not a fan to the point that I must have everything, I do enjoy a good Sonic game when one does come around. Today is Sonic’s 20th Anniversary since his début in Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. With it they have released a bunch of random Sonic freebies and also the Sonic Generations Demo with Classic Sonic.

The Hedgehog Engine that was originally used in Sonic World Adventure [Unleashed] is being used again for Sonic Generations. I quite enjoyed the Hedgehog Engine and how it handled the game it was running and felt that if this new game is going to be using it, then I shouldn’t be too disappointed when it comes around… Though they did not include Modern Sonic in the Demo, you can enjoy that part by just downloading the World Adventure/Unleashed Demo anyway.

The demo turns out to be very short for a 600MB+ download. It’s probably the extra trailer that was added to the Demo that gives it the extra boost. I got bored eventually and gave it a shot at speed running, however I ran out of battery power in the controller and didn’t try to beat the record I had at the time. Though it was around 0:55… I went on Youtube to find two other people have already uploaded a 0:46 and 0:47 second record. I knew I should have Spin dashed some of those areas that didn’t look too tough. I’ll give it another shot later. It will be before the demo period runs out of time.

Yeah one thing I found strange was that the demo was only allowed to be played for 20 days. Sure 20th Anniversary so we get 20 days but that’s tight when it’s only a Demo. It’s not like a trial of the final release…? The only reason to do this is if the demo isn’t as great or has some development pending aspects in it they would like it gone from the market as soon as possible so that it cannot be compared to the final product. This is what I think happened with Minna no Golf 5. There are parts in the Demo that were better or more higher quality but was later removed in the final release… Usually you’d want it the other way right?

I have to say, readjusting back to Classic style is pretty cool… You never realised how tough a speed run of the game used to be without Homing Attack saving you from everything. :P