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September 14th, 2011

December 17th will be the day that Japan will receive the PlayStation Vita. It is also the date a friend of mine is getting married… So highly unlikely I will be able to be in Japan at the launch to purchase the system myself.

In other news Minna no Golf NEXT has now received a new official title and will now be known as Minna no Golf 6, this practically ensures that my prediction of the next Minna no Golf title will be cross platform and available to both systems in the future. However for the launch it won’t be happening, it is probably going to be as late as after the launch of PlayStation Vita outside of Japan.

Sony would want to use the game to bait and sell their new system… I do feel that with the amount of launch titles that they have prepared [26 titles], we are looking the system selling out at launch. Hopefully the 3G models are less sought out for and I will be able to ask a few favours to snag one in all the commotion.