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July 1st, 2010

Hello… Welcome to the renewed Shihiko.net!

What is this Shihiko.net? Well after a long time of doing nothing with this domain and mainly focusing my skills and resources on the Mingol Community Network, I have decided to create a place to write my about my thoughts and adventures into the world of Gaming and Game Design.

This is also a little experiment to see if this improves my designs with a place for me to log random ideas and notes inspired from the games I interact with. Of course don’t expect any full blown game design documents from here because the reality is I don’t enjoy writing game design documents. Also ignore that I am using a pre-made skin for the website at the moment, I am not sure how I want the website to look and the style for it at the moment.

So Let’s Start!

  • Shihiko (29)
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    1. Shihiko, Don’t forget about the Mingol Community!

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