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July 1st, 2010

So PlayStation Plus has been out for a few days… from my list of PSN friends there is only three out of a hundred people who have the service. One from each region offering the service.

Well what does it offer? From the looks of it, the best PlayStation Plus offers at the moment are not from the Japanese PSN… but the other regions. The PAL PS+ has an introductory offer that let’s you keep Little Big Planet if you go through and purchase a full years worth of subscription… this offer basically means you keep the game if you decide to stop subscribing to the Plus service, but you also get the free Plus title of the month along with the other Plus services of that region. Regardless of which game they gave at the introductory offer to entice you into signing up for a year, at least there is incentive from the PAL region to get the service for a year.

We then can have a look at the US PS+… their introductory incentive is that you get three months of extra service if you purchase the year subscription early. Not a bad deal, but it is also interesting to know that they offer the most extra content as part of the Plus service. On top of that they will be getting a Hulu service called Hulu Plus… it is not detailed if this costs extra or not but it is probably a free service. Content and savings wise the US PS+ seems to have the best on offer, unless you don’t already own Little Big Planet then maybe you’d go for the PAL PS+ or… JPN PS+?

Or maybe not? Something I noticed about what was on offer for the Plus in Japan was that they had no introductory incentives and also offered the least content for their service. You’d think that they would try to hook people into the service early, but the there is none of it. The free Plus title of the month is Little Big Planet for the JPN PS+, however for the other regions it seems to be WipeOut HD. [PAL is giving away LBP as their incentive so it is separate to the service.]

What is even worse is that Asia PS+ is getting a combination of the content from each region but mostly being short-ended with the service with their free Plus titles limited to the smaller PSN Store titles so far… [Hustle Kings and Gomibako: Trash Panic.] It seems like the service is only worth it if you either don’t already own the titles or the incentive is enough to pull you over.

The things I liked about the service is the potential it has… Also apart from the PAL PS+ websites, the other regions do a great job in advertising what is on offer… It is really hard to dig up the month’s offer without going all over the PS site then ending up at the Europe PS Blog to find the details without any icons or pictures to help you quickly see what the titles or specials are. Best website for Plus was probably the US one for being well detailed and then the JPN next for it’s simplicity and clean layout, there is no clicking required to find the information related to the contents available.

I definitely believe there is many changes that can be done to improve the take up on the service… a few would be that instead of offering pre-determined discounted items each plus subscriber will be limited to having a few discounted purchases per month, and choose one title between two or three titles for the free Plus title. [With the others being offered at a discounted price if not chosen.] The current model doesn’t give much choice and it is also quite sad that Trials are not discounted… there is no incentive to Trial a game for an hour when a Demo of a game stays on your system and you can play it as much as you want, both of which you have to download but one you have to delete if you don’t plan on buying it.

Same deal with the Premium Avatars and Themes, offer a bunch of them and limit how many are downloadable per month so the user has a choice in their service. When given choice to their service it makes the user feel that they are in control and will more likely be inclined to subscribe to the service instead of sitting around and watching to see how it goes with those who have jumped in head first.

To sum it all up, if you are getting Plus now… you better be getting the Non-Asian Region Services being offered [at the moment with introductory offers]. Otherwise the service over all could use some improvement as being someone who originally was ready to try the service out on the first day it was available, I quickly backed out seeing that none of what it was offering gave me a choice or any sort of incentive to sign up for the service.

Note: I have Little Big Planet and WipeOut HD, and most of the freebies and DLC made available in the service doesn’t apply to me. I’m sure their target market is loaded casual PlayStation users, but if they are also targeting the everyday gaming PlayStation user with the service… it doesn’t seem to be working. Most of them would probably have WipeOut HD or Little Big Planet anyway. Hence choice would be nice… :)

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