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January 26th, 2011

So here goes… A game that I have been working on for the last three months has now been uploaded and sent to Apple’s App Store for review and approval. Figured I should post about it and get the word out so people can try and give it a go when it is approved… It’s free so it’s not like you need to pay to play it. :)

What is Typ-iT? Well if you can’t guess what it is from the name or this picture here, then maybe you really need to play it haha… It is a simple typing game for the iOS devices with Game Center support along with Twitter posting. Despite it doesn’t sound like anything special, it was designed for the game play/points system, educational benefits and for those who want to improve their typing skills on their new iOS device.

Thanks to those who supported this project and ideas throughout the development. Also thanks to David for development support, though if anyone is complaining why this is iOS only… he’s the guy to blame too. :P Anyone who wants to see this on other mobile devices will have to wait and see… Probably not happening, unless someone wants to join me and port it to the other mobile devices.

Some people ask me if it is exciting to see the game get submitted… Probably should be, but I guess I’m more excited about prototyping and designing the next game. Game design is in my nature… as is playing games and analysing them haha… ;)

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