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About Games. by Shihiko°

July 11th, 2010

There is many definitions for games out there, but the one definition that has helped me designing ideas for games is that: A game is a set of rules applied to an act or task for productive or unproductive enjoyment and fun. Anything can be a game…

This can mean a lot when creating a game. For example of how many games you can derive from applying rules to a simple ball. Quickly you should have something along the lines of bouncing a ball as many times as you can, how many bounces you can do in a minute, how fast can you bounce a ball ten times etc… Simple?

What about if we wanted to play with more people? Well you can either take turns with the same rules or create some multiplayer rules out from the same rules… Bouncing a ball between another person as many times as possible, How many times the two can achieve in a minute, How fast you can rally the ball between the two ten times etc… Of course it is possible to come up with more interesting and entertaining rules but these are all just a start.

As you can see applying a few rules can create a game. However just applying rules does not make a fun game. [Parents give their children rules, but they aren't always fun right?]… If you’re creating a game, you want to make it fun [for your audience and demographic] right? So try to use rules that make the game more interesting or productive. Most people enjoy a sense of accomplishment, which can come from completing a productive task or beating someone in a game.

Case to point, when I was still studying [haha right, I studied.] I had a Japanese test on the カタカナ Alphabet… now knowing me, I hate studying or believe that I am not good at studying from books. So I made a game out of it… I would say the game would only be a game to those who are beginning to learn Japanese, so to myself at the time who was the audience or demographic that I was targeting… it was a fun game. The game took three or four hours to make and I played it for one or two hours… it was simple, the rules were that the alphabets flash at random and all the player needs to do is click the correct pronunciation. Apart from a overall performance monitor, there was no scoring or any timers to make the game more challenging in anyway… but now that I am posting about it I feel that I probably could have gave it more interesting or entertaining rules. And how did I do for the test? Well let’s just say that I would have played longer if I wasn’t confident after only one or two hours.

That was a productive use of games or game design. It was a simple idea with simple rules… the game play isn’t great but it does it’s purpose and is now used for another purpose. To be an example of Anything can be a game…