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August 5th, 2010

Aww… Google Wave was a very useful collaboration tool to have. It was also very good for brain storming ideas or putting down quick game designs that still need refining. It is a very good idea just no one knew or not enough people knew how to use it efficiently or productively to make it a part of their daily lives.

Even though it was really nice to have and use it was an annoying standalone Google product. I mean one of the things that kind of made it annoying was that you had to login separately sometimes just to use it. I think Google could have probably done a better job with it if it had been integrated as part of Google Mail or Google Accounts. Google Mail seemed a more obvious choice since they have a large user base for that and quite a lot of people use Gmail as a work or professional email account. Makes sense if it was all for work and productivity.

I think another thing they should be putting more focus on is their Google Talk application, the Gmail integrated version seems to have more features than the standalone software… Not many people enjoy turning on and keeping a web browser window open just to receive messages and notifications in regards to their Google account. The software could probably be like a Google Apps thing that works with their Cloud Services. Also wouldn’t that reduce the load of stuff required to load up for the end user? I mean these web applications seem to perform badly on a poor connection so why not release native applications to support them? Is it because they want you to log on to see the advertising?

Source: Update on Google Wave