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May 20th, 2011

Updated Typ-iT to 1.1… Now has Achievements and a bunch of other neat functions. I fixed a few bugs I found while on holiday and also put some new things in to make it work better. Hope custom tweeting allows people to enjoy it a little more. Seems like only a small selection of players use the twitter function…


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What’s New in Version 1.1
- Achievements Added.
- Custom Twitter Tweeting Added.
- True Random Word Selection Mode Added.
- Word Chain Mode Added. (Old Word Selection Method.)
- New Sounds and Sound Toggle Added.
- Bug Fixes & UI Improvements. AdWhirl Enabled.

Download it Free! It’s on the AppStore.

February 5th, 2011

Earlier they review came through and Typ-iT was approved for sale for the App Store. What sale though? The game is Free. :)


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  • Free
  • Category: Games
  • Released: 04 February 2011
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 5.2 MB
  • Language: English

Though I just looked at the leader boards, only seven people have played… but none of them tried to play the harder word list. Scores are fairly average so far, but still fun to see people try the game. I also checked twitter, but no one has tried the Twitter system yet. Which is a shame because that took time and effort to set up… Ah well hopefully it will pick up over a few days. I’ll probably play and get some high scores and tweets going on it to make it more interesting. :D

October 10th, 2010

A game that aimed to break the “Sonic Cycle” was released a few days ago… Sonic 4. I tested it out on the iPhone so far… might also try the PlayStation 3 version. And how was it…?

Well after playing Sonic World Adventure [Unleashed] I can see that Sonic was slowly getting back in his speed shoes… but we would all like to see more than just well made stages and great game play. We needed to see Super Sonic in game levels, flashing all the Chaos Emeralds in Golden Glory. Sonic 4 – Episode 1 brings this back to us and more depending on what you enjoyed about the classic Sonic games.

The concept was good. Bring the original 2D game play of Sonic back and continue the story from Sonic 3 & Knuckles… Which didn’t exactly happen yet…? If you haven’t noticed from screen shots the level designs and art style has been quite similar to that of Sonic 2. So I guess they can’t ruin anything by doing that… it does however for me make it feel that it wasn’t very original, but at the same time brings some nostalgia which is what Sonic Team wants I guess.

Though I played the iPhone version, the look and feel of the game was quite good. It was also interesting trying this version first, because we are so used to Sonic being a control pad game it seemed stupid if we were to play without buttons. I cleared the Final Stage and all of Episode 1 with Tilt Controls… I did attempt to use the touch controls at one stage for a more precise control, but there was no point since I was already used to the tilting.

Getting the Chaos Emeralds was a huge chore though as the bonus stage gets annoying with the tilting, I guess when you are used to playing Labyrinth type games it doesn’t really help. It is the same type of bonus stage across all the consoles… thought it does look like a rip out of Sonic 3′s check point bonus game, it works because we are tilting the stage… though I could have gone for a cooler new type of bonus stage but no big deal, we get Chaos Emeralds that work on something other than the Final Boss… [Oh how true that is... 36 Rings really?]

It’s good to see Super Sonic back. It’s still too early for a review though as this is the first episode of the game… Sonic Team are doing this so they can slowly reel back in those who were hurt by the Sonic Cycle and are confident that they will get Sonic fans to buy all the episodes this way. So far it seems to be working, it is mostly positive reviews from various sources…